Last Years Christmas 2008 pics! Let's have a Merry Chritmas 2009

Officer Marlon Estepa, Santa Joe Harper, Elf Shelly Olson, Officer George Cesena
A Happy Group of Children receiving their Toys from Santa Helper Johnny DJ Kein
Youth Voice posing with Mid City JST, me, Shelly, Marlon, and Santa Joe, Delia , Victor, Neydi and below Johnny DJ Kein. SD Unified School Police Officer Jenny and Sgt Al Contreras.

Thanks to "Youth Voice", Mid City Juvenile Services Team-SDPD, Start Pal, SD School Police, SDPOA, SDPD Central JST, to include several local stores stores like "Target", and "Starbucks" last year Christmas 2009, Christmas Toy Drive and delivery was a success. Thanks to numerous volunteers from Youth Voice, Mid City SDPD JST, StarPal, SD School Police and Starbucks who helped out in wrapping all these presents and personalizing the gift. Youth Voice went a Big step further and volunteered their time to assist Mid City JST SDPD deliver the presents to the children's home for Christmas, with Santa Claus and all his helpers. Youth Voice will be Santa's helpers this year also. GO YOUTH VOICE.. Let's make this Christmas 2009 even Bigger and better! Hooah!, I mean Ho HO HO!! Merry Christmas

Youth Voice Partner
Officer George Cesena

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