Town Hall Meeting Pics

Mid City Youth Voice Voice and Latino Youth Council trying to pose... (% Too funny ! I am so very proud of these Kids... George Cesena

Latino Youth Council & Youth Voice Mid City Town Hall Mtg

Hello my name is Officer George Cesena working in partnership with Mid City Youth Voice. On the 23rd of March 2010, Mid City "Youth Voice" and Mid City Latino Youth Council, collaborated by presenting together their 1st Town Hall Meeting. This year a series of Town Hall Meeting were held across America that week. It was a part of a nation-wide effort to prevent underage drinking. The event was held at Monroe Clarke Middle School and it was a huge success with both Youth groups leading the way. Debbie Pelkey, the Youth Voice members and I, would like to thank Claudia Baltazar and Yvette Huerta from the Latino Youth Council for allowing us to be part of this event and we look forward to more events in the near future.. Youth Voice would also like to thank the Mid City community parents for coming out and participating in the event. After the event we all posed together for a photo and we all look awesome.. I threw in a few other pics. Once again,
THANK YOU " Gracias".

Last Years Christmas 2008 pics! Let's have a Merry Chritmas 2009

Officer Marlon Estepa, Santa Joe Harper, Elf Shelly Olson, Officer George Cesena
A Happy Group of Children receiving their Toys from Santa Helper Johnny DJ Kein
Youth Voice posing with Mid City JST, me, Shelly, Marlon, and Santa Joe, Delia , Victor, Neydi and below Johnny DJ Kein. SD Unified School Police Officer Jenny and Sgt Al Contreras.

Thanks to "Youth Voice", Mid City Juvenile Services Team-SDPD, Start Pal, SD School Police, SDPOA, SDPD Central JST, to include several local stores stores like "Target", and "Starbucks" last year Christmas 2009, Christmas Toy Drive and delivery was a success. Thanks to numerous volunteers from Youth Voice, Mid City SDPD JST, StarPal, SD School Police and Starbucks who helped out in wrapping all these presents and personalizing the gift. Youth Voice went a Big step further and volunteered their time to assist Mid City JST SDPD deliver the presents to the children's home for Christmas, with Santa Claus and all his helpers. Youth Voice will be Santa's helpers this year also. GO YOUTH VOICE.. Let's make this Christmas 2009 even Bigger and better! Hooah!, I mean Ho HO HO!! Merry Christmas

Youth Voice Partner
Officer George Cesena

Officer Cesena, George

Looking Forward to Feb 2010 Youth Voice Dance Contest.. More News to come.. Keep Posted !

19th Annual Teddy Bear Drive

The San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Teddy Bear Drive is a unique and compassionate program. The Teddy Bear Drive has developed into an annual event involving local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, the San Diego Chargers, and other sponsors. Each year, law enforcement agencies around San Diego County seek donations of stuffed animals through community events. At the end of the year, all the stuffed animals are delivered to Rady Children's Hospital by police caravan. Although it is called the Teddy Bear Drive, any type of new, unused stuffed animals are welcomed. Standard size stuffed animals that the children can hug and keep in their beds are greatly appreciated. Also remember there are children of all ages at the hospital, so new born and toddler stuffed animals are also needed. Please note that due to infection control among the recipients, donated items must be new and unused with the purchase tag still attached.


Monetary donations are also accepted and enable organizers to purchase large quantities of stuffed animals at a discounted price from participating vendors and businesses. If you are interested in providing a monetary donation or for more information please contact Amanda Austin at Rady Children's Hospital or the host agency representative Officer Christine Sperry at or 619-686-6501 ext 3731.

Youth Summit "Voices for Change"

Resource Fair for City Heights
When: November 14, 2009
Where: Monroe Clark Middle School
Time: 11:30am-5pm

Come join us at a FREE event for the City Heights community. This is the opportunity for you to share your voice! There will be performances, inspirational speakers, resource tables, and much more!